Don't Just Manage Your Time.

Own It!


The TIME CLEANSE® Time Performance System bridges the gap in your business performance.Taking you and or your team from where you are at to where you want to be faster than ever before in Sales, Leadership and Business productivity by maximizing your most valuable asset.

It’s your time to take control and learn a more efficient, productive and smarter way to get back the TIME that’s rightfully yours and transform your Business and life.

The Time Cleanse® is a Time Performance System that shows you how to change your relationship and performance with time by rescuing back 5, 10, 15 hours or more a week by identifying & removing the toxins and contaminates that are holding you back and stealing your time. You'll simultaneously learn through The Time Cleanse system how to maximize the performance and productivity out of every hour, so you can do more, be more, and get more, while having all the time to do what’s most important in life.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Identify and Remove the toxins and contaminates that are stealing your time, productivity & performance.
  • Learn how to compress time to shorten the sales cycle and double or triple your sales in a fraction of the time
  • Rescue back 5, 10, 15 or even more hours a week for yourself with the use of the TIME CLEANSE™ System (What’s that worth to you?)
  • Understand THE VALUE and your relationship with TIME… What to change and where to invest for better results
  • Overcome “Self Limiting Beliefs” (that you might not even know about) that are holding you back, in order to move forward at full speed
  • Let go of any and all stress and anxiety from time pressure
  • Rebalance your work-life relationship while simultaneously improving the quality of both
  • Dissolve worry, doubt and fear… Eliminate Insecurities
  • How to deal with distractions? And transform the BUSY CRAZY CHAOS into fun and focus when you take full control
  • How to have the ENERGY to do it all… And then some more
  • Increase your confidence, courage and belief in yourself
  • Learn the 3-step process to accelerate your results with TIME!


Charles Pence Founder | Partner's Trust real estate

"The TIME CLEANSE has been a breakthrough experience for me! By using his system I learned how to maximize the use and performance of my time.I did an entire previous year’s worth of sales productivity in one quarter and went on to break my own all time sales record for the year!"

Ann Hamilton Managing Director | Union Private Bank

"The Time Cleanse System has taught me how to quickly identify the time toxins inside my business that were stooping my best performance and full potential. I reclaimed 15 hours back a week going through the cleanse and learned how to increase productivity with the time I had. Using these techniques has not only given a new clarity to decision-making and improving my business performance, but created time to spend on my passion of competitive ballroom dancing, and a renewed appreciation of being in nature walking my dog and just having time for me. A life changing approach to time."

Doug DeLuca Executive Producer of ABC Television | Jimmy Kimmel Live

"Steven has the ability to guide people to break through their own barriers in performance and communication. He has helped me tremendously over the years to be mindful, stay focused, communicate effectively, and professionally flourish with my time."

Pat Norton Founder | Norton Consulting

"With the TIME CLEANSE I got to reflect about how I was  spending or investing my time and eliminate the habits and behaviors that were stealing my time. It created a clear path to align my time and what’s important to me in by identifying my true values and goals. Knowing how to use my time right has eliminated all time pressure and improved my performance both in business and life. Its my new super power!"


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